Windsor Residence

Austin, Texas

Perched atop a steep site in West Austin, this home looks out across the city from every level.  Clayton&Little’s graceful restoration and addition to the Spanish Colonial Revival house was aided by the lineage of previous owners who maintained the integrity of the structure,  and the current owner, whose style and taste drove the project toward excellence.  A sweeping “eyebrow” roofline delineates old from new and opens the attic room toward Austin.  All new landscaping envelops the house and the new cliffside swimming pool.  Inside, the rooms are defined by soft plaster walls and rich, dark wood floors and beams.  Intense communication between C&L, the Owner and the Contractor led to the execution of beautiful details: stained glass at the master shower, graceful arches in the kitchen and exquisite wrought iron fixtures, lighting, handrails and fireplace covers.