Pearl Park Building

San Antonio, Texas

Sometimes the best solution is for a building to fade into the background. It recedes and submits so that more important players can shine. In this case a work horse was needed to support the growing offering of outdoor activities at Pearl. A burgeoning Farmer’s Market and concert series required storage, shade, A/V support and above all, permanent restrooms.

Without mimicking historic structures, a non-descript box was conceived with details and materials drawing from existing utilitarian cellars. D’hanis block, terra cotta coping and polished concrete floors comprise the structure. Exposed steel columns and beams are left raw to rust and never require maintenance.

Because existing and proposed buildings look down on the Park Building, the roof was designed and detailed as the fifth elevation. Plumbing vents and exhaust fans are coordinated and concealed in 3 bonnets to match others found on site. Salvaged doors, windows, light fixtures, and fans are reutilized. Custom cement tile, custom concrete lavatories, stainless steel plumbing fixtures and partitions add to the industrial aesthetic.

This building is built to last, just like its predecessors. In the end, the new D’hanis walls will be covered in creeping ivy. Even now, guests have been overheard commenting that they “don’t recall that building being there.” We appreciate the compliment.