Southerleigh Brewhouse

San Antonio, Texas

The Southerleigh Brewhouse celebrates the architecture and soul of the 1890s vintage building. With Interior Design by Joel Mozerksy, we worked together to bring the gritty magnificence of the Brewhouse back to life, as if it had never shut down. Clayton & Little retained vestiges of the deep history at Pearl through the re-purposing of historic equipment into decorative and functional pieces. These Icons of the past have been scattered throughout the 5,000 SF restaurant and 2,600 SF Brewery.

Fifteen foot original stainless steel kettle tops were re-purposed to provide a focal point to one of the three dining rooms. Honoring the past, the copper clad mash tun and boil kettle sit in the same location and are a focal point as patrons enter the main dining space. Clayton&Little also re-purposed the 60 foot grain silo into a private dining room, with a custom 15’ diameter cast iron light fixture salvaged from the original brewing tanks. Adding to the gritty magnificence is the open nature of the brewing mezzanine and restaurant. Sights, sounds and most importantly the smells of the Brewhouse mix in the 2-story high dining spaces, creating a truly exhilarating sensory experience.