The Golden Trowel Awards

Every year, mason contractors submit projects on behalf of outstanding architects in the hopes that their joint achievements may be awarded the

coveted Golden Trowel Award. A panel of distinguished judges was charged with the task of deciphering exceptional from excellent on the basis of design, craftsmanship, overall aesthetic appeal and difficulty. From their labors, awards are presented in each of six categories: Brick, CMU, Stone, Publicly Funded K-12, Residential (single & multi-family), and Hardscape, Landscape & Restoration.

This year Clayton&Little Architects along with Looking Good Masonry were honored to be the recipients for the 2012 Golden Trowel Award and Best Restoration Design on the Byrne-Reed Historic Renovation. The Texas Masonry Council strives to achieve excellence in all aspects of construction by upholding high principles and inspiring distinction and quality in the members of this organization. Through the Golden Trowel Awards, the association recognizes architects who demonstrate excellence in design, as only excellent design gives skilled masons the challenge to excel in their field as well.