Clarksville, Austin, Texas

A Clarksville neighborhood institution, the Jeffrey’s Restaurant building has a rich history. Clayton&Little added to that history by re-energizing the 2 story 5,800 sf restaurant and two smaller buildings; the Josephine House & Garage Office. Maintaining the identity of all of the buildings, both inside and out, was paramount to the redesign.  At all buildings, Clayton&Little updated exterior finishes and brought them back to life.  Interiors were revamped as well, to create an atmosphere appropriate to each building.  At Jeffrey’s, the dining rooms are clad in sumptuous wood paneling and plaster coated walls, creating an elegant dining experience. Existing shiplap walls were uncovered at the 1,100 sf Josephine House and repurposed to serve as the finish material, giving an elegantly rustic charm to this lunch and happy hour spot. Reconfiguring the Garage office provided a more open office environment for the new tenant. With the creation of a central courtyard, Clayton&Little linked the buildings together, making the Jeffrey’s Restaurant site a dining hot spot for Clarksville.