Clark’s Oyster Bar

Clarksville, Austin, Texas

Your local neighborhood oyster joint, Clark’s Oyster Bar on West 6th, was recently completed by Clayton&Little Architects.  A remodel of the former Portabla restaurant, this 1,400 SF gem was revitalized from the inside out.  The kitchen was refreshed with all new equipment and then opened up to the bar and dining area, which is clustered around a 300 gallon aquarium.  The material palate was kept simple, but rich, to reflect the menu: stained wood, polished stone, patterned tile and select paint colors.

Diners have the option of sitting at the marble-topped Oyster Bar, pecan-topped bar looking into the working kitchen, or at a quieter dining table just past the aquarium.  Outside, the wood deck and standing bar are covered by awnings to create an intimate outdoor dining area.  Working closely with the Owner, Clayton&Little’s design goal of elegant and cohesive interior and exterior spaces with subtle nautical elements was achieved with basic materials and simple detailing.